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reinhabit your body, reclaim your life


You have decided you want to feel better in your body.

You understand that self-care is about maintenance, not pampering.

You want to get stronger and increase mobility while also decreasing stress and muscle tension.  

You want to be functional and pain-free. 

You want to remove energetic blocks and live a life of joy and passion.

You have come to the right place.

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About Me

I'm obsessed with bodies, architecture, energy, and humans. 


I spend a lot of time thinking about how each body chooses to move or not move. Why some injured bodies choose to develop compensation patterns and some choose to completely shut down? Why some bodies and minds heal and some do not? Why are some humans more mentally and emotionally stable than others? How do these fluctuating factors manifest throughout a lifetime? What kind of environment inspires growth versus which promote decline? 


Growing up I had three passions: architecture, alternative medicine, and music. After receiving my bachelors of architecture I shifted my academic studies towards healing spaces, natural medicine, and the metaphysical world. I have studied everything from western herbalism, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, feng shui, crystal healing, sacred geometry, tarot, intuitive energy reading, and healing. 


Reinhabit PLLC is my first attempt to incorporate all of my obsessions and interests "under one roof" so to speak. Whether you are looking for personal training, massage therapy, energy healing, fasciablasting, or you want “all of the things” I will meet you wherever you are at and we will work our way towards your goals bit by bit.


My intention is to create a safe space for you to listen to and reconnect with your body. If you are ready to commit to a long-term movement & healing journey, I look forward to meeting you and I am glad you are here.


With palms together,







Kinya Nicole Jones, CPT, LMT #MA60791076

About Me

My Work

My Work


Kinya is an extraordinary trainer. I mean this quite literally. I have worked with trainers for over a decade and Kinya sits heads and shoulders above the rest. She brings a sharp intellect to the job of teaching you how to move and SAFELY strengthen one's heart and body. She listens closely to my goals and has developed a flexible training program that works wonderfully well for me. I have gotten stronger, more flexible and now move with significantly less pain.


As I go through each exercise, Kinya watches closely and gives me helpful cues that show me how my muscles work best together. I have learned techniques that have helped me to understand my body better. There were so very many exercises that I have done wrong for years and with Kinya's help I have gotten rid of a host of bad habits and have become so much stronger. I now live differently in my body. 


- Wendy R.


I have been working with Kinya for over 3 years and am pleased to recommend her highly. I have worked with other skilled trainers over the years with not nearly the same fantastic results. Finding Kinya has truly changed my life through strength and mobility. 

I am in my mid 60’s with certain age and wear ‘n tear issues that she has helped me address successfully. I really appreciate Kinya’s wholistic approach to find lasting results that are easily understood and can be integrated into my daily life.   
The results have been fantastic while finding Kinya is infinitely pleasant and fun to work with. 
I hope you have the same great results. 


- Brian M.


Kinya has been my trainer twice  week for the last year plus. Her skill set and proessionalism are unmatched. 
Kinya's knowledge base of anatomy  body movement make each session challenging without compromising safety or ability as teaching proper form is her priority.


Each session is fun and personalized with new and varied exercises and adaptations as needed with recommendations and homework,. In addition to her personal training, Kinya is an excellent massage therapist. I can think of no one better to train with in Seattle. 

-Colleen J.


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